Starting life as a Virtual Assistant.

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

So, lets be real from the start.

Starting something new and different can be scary. Very scary.

This is exactly how I felt taking my first few steps when becoming a VA. I had a line of Administrative roles, Customer Service roles and Sales roles behind me to draw experience from, but now I would be starting my life as a self-employed VA, and in the middle of a Pandemic that had shaken the world. Crazy, Right?

With two young children at home, bored and in need of entertainment and education, how would I manage to fit it all in and work from home? How would I be able to make conference calls with my little ones still needing me? How would this affect our family time if I literally bring the office home with me everyday?

I had so many doubts in my mind about the whole thing, wondering if it was the right move for me. I knew the job well and had the skills to be a great asset to any client out there that would need my services.

Long story short... I TOOK THE LEAP!!! I did it, little old me!

I began to take steps that would put me on the right path to success. I started making changes at home, setting up my new work routine and organising everything I would need.

With everyone trying to get used to a NEW normal, there wasn't a better time for me to make the leap, just as our world began grinding to a halt, with more people than ever being furloughed or out of work completely. People were forced to take drastic action against the Corona Virus and against unemployment. More people than ever have turned to on-line work or working from home. I have seen so many success stories on Facebook and LinkedIn of others who took the same, both feet first approach a