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Take Care of your Team; and your Team will take care of you.

My ex-husband bought me a watch for our anniversary. Its still one of my favourite possessions. I make sure I look after it, I treat it well and keep it maintained, so that it will service me long into the future too. In fact – the watch nearly lasted longer than my relationship did.

There’s still time. (no pun intended).

I want you to think of a watch. It has one purpose – to track and display the time. In order to do that, it has many parts, all completing a purpose of their own, contributing to the end game.

Each part has its role, its own responsibility.

The watch wouldn’t work if one of the cogs wasn’t functioning correctly – even one of the cogs you can’t see.

It may still tell you the time, but it might not be accurate, it might run slowly, or consume energy too quickly. It might not be consistent.

It doesn’t have to be a visible part that can break the process, for each part, cog hand, is as vital to the output as any other.

Business is like that.

Your Team is your most valuable asset.

In order to achieve your business goal, you need every team member to fulfil their role.

Now, lets think about how you look after your watch.

If you take care of your watch, it will serve you for longer. If you keep it clean, and safe, it will give you a correct and accurate service – it will tell the time, reliably and consistently for as long as it can.

If you treat it with kindness, it will not scratch; it will shine.

If you maintain it well, keeping the parts oiled and in good shape to do their job, keep it wound so it has the power to do its job, it will give lasting results.

Now apply that to your team.

If you maintain them – train them, keep them safe, show them how they fit into the process, their involvement in the output, look after them, as you would your watch, they will serve you well too. They too will shine, and they will make your business shine.

If you don’t look after your watch – it will break. If you don’t oil the cogs, they will not function, and the whole process is affected. One bad cog can affect the whole operation.

Teams are like that too.

If one part breaks, the whole will feel it. If you don’t care for your team, treat them well, they will not do their job well. They will break too.

We live in a world where things are disposable. I’ve seen all too often that mentality being applied to people too.

I’ve seen attitudes that include “if they don’t like it, they can go elsewhere”. I’ve seen teams give up evenings, weekends and holidays – with no thanks, no recognition.

I’ve seen minimal input with expectation of maximum results, and what I’ve learned, what I know, is that this will only ever succeed short term.

People will stay where they feel appreciated.

If you invest in your team, you invest in your future.

Your team ARE your business. Never forget that, they will give you what they get.

Give them the tools, the knowledge, the respect, the care and maintenance they need to do their job, and

they will. Ten-fold. Give them the opportunity to shine, and the whole organisation will shine.

That includes you too.

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