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Train me, Baby!

Simply, complete the form below to register your interest in the session you fancy - I would recommend them all (but I'm biased)

Social Media 101

Thanks for your interest in this amazing 6 course webinar series! 

Its a unique opportunity to get some real life, hands dirty training about the six major social media platforms you can use to market your business.

Each week, I will present live training which focuses on one of the six platforms - You can secure your place for each or all sessions.

Through the training, you will learn about each platform, how to use, what type of client you will find there, how to create content that works, how to analyse and beat the algorithm, and what current trends will get you seen the most.

At the end of the six weeks, you will be confident, able to master each platform, attracting more clients and opening up next level earning opportunities. 

Members of our Facebook group can access the training for a discounted rate (so go on, join here and save some money!)



                                 Session 1: Free

                   All other sessions: £20 per session

All sessions delivered to you: £100


                                 Session 1: £10 

                   All other sessions: £25 per session

All sessions delivered to you: £115

Register now to secure your place. 

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