Resilience Amid Adversity

Resilience is defined as "the ability to cope with crisis or recover from difficulties, quickly returning to pre-crisis shape".

As the UK enters its second Lockdown, building resilience is now more important than ever. We need to equip ourselves with the tools that allow us to cope with the difficulties that are thrown at us, yes, but to return to pre-crisis state? I think we can do one better than that.

Rather than return to the same state, I hope we will learn, grow and come out of the other end stronger.

Resilience is what enables people to cope with stressful events and set-backs. Its the mental tank of strength we keep in reserve. Its what enables us to keep calm in times of disaster, helping us to carry on instead of fall apart.

How we deal with challenges can play a significant role in, not only the outcome, but also, the long-term psychological consequences.

Those who lack resilience may become overwhelmed by life's challenges. They may dwell on problems and use unhealthy coping mechanisms to deal with life’s challenges.