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A highly skilled, Virtual Executive Assistant, Business Strategy and Project Management Specialist.

Bringing calm, refined efficiency, productivity and profitability to your business through a wide range of services to streamline your operations and enhance your business's productivity; Giving you back your time, reducing stress-levels and saving you money. 

Notepad on Desk

Notepad on Desk

Office with a View

Office with a View

Organized Desk

Organized Desk



Two Pens on Notebook

Two Pens on Notebook




Streamlined Efficiency, Excellence at Heart

Starting a business is a big step. Running a Business can be hard.

Both require skills that are often overlooked. Yes, we have a talent that we can share to help others. One that will build a lifestyle for ourselves, but how do we do so in a way that is efficient, productive, profitable and enjoyable?

The Omnipresent Assistant is a Executive Virtual Assistant & Project Management Expert Service, focused on driving efficiency and profitability, with skills to increase productivity, no matter what industry you’re in.

I believe in working alongside you to build your business, implementing process that lasts beyond our partnership. I believe in reinvigorating that passion that drove you to start in the first place, and I believe in helping you build a solid foundation for your business; one that will work for you.

I believe in calm, process driven results, with well-being embedded into your company culture. 

I support new and established businesses alike, making sure that processes, social media platforms, websites and tools are optimised to work hard for you, even when you aren't.  

I'm a straight talking, no-nonsense, hard worker who will tell you as it is, but who will always follow with strategy and solution to move forward. I don't shy away from difficult conversations, nor do I shy away from rolling my sleeves up.

I'm behind you every step of the way, helping you achieve those successes, and celebrating with you when you do.


Contact me today to see how The Omnipresent Assistant can support you.

Green Leaf



Handling those time consuming, non-income generating tasks for you

  • Project Management

  • Team Management

  • Website and Social Media Audit

  • Policy and Process Audit

  • Process build and implementation

  • Competitor Market Analysis

  • Bespoke Document Template Packages

  • Social Media Management

    • Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn​, Instagram

  • Email Marketing and Marketing Strategy

  • Product Launch and Campaign Management

  • Business Systems Review

  • Recruitment

  • File Structure Organisation

  • Research and Reporting

  • Administrative Support


From Conception to Execution and Follow up Evaluation

  • Full Cohesive service to ensure your projects are running to time and to budget and are delivering the best.

  • Concept / Project Research

  • Project Plan

  • Project Management

  • Process Creation and Implementation

  • Regular Project Update

  • Post Project Evaluation

  • Data Reporting

  • Event Planning and Oversight

  • Team Away Days

  • Agreements

Training and Mentoring

Organised, Efficient and Attentive

  • Business Training, Support and Guidance

  • Mentoring for new starter businesses

  • Confidence and Well-being Coaching

  • Business and Start Up Guidance

  • Smarter Ways of Working

  • Company Culture Embedding

  • Calm, Process Driven Methodology

  • Systems and Policy Audit

  • Social Media Audit and Analysis

  • Social Media Strategy


+44 7454 270 933

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